CSS property: -webkit-mask


Defines a variety of mask properties within one declaration.

As with most composite properties, all arguments are optional.


-webkit-mask: <attachment>, <clip>, <origin>, <image>, <repeat>, <composite>, <box_image>;



Defines the scrolling or fixed nature of the image mask. See -webkit-mask-attachment.


Specifies whether the mask should extend into the border of a box. See -webkit-mask-clip.


Determines where the -webkit-mask-position property is anchored. See -webkit-mask-origin.


Defines an image to be used as a mask for an element. See -webkit-mask-image.


Defines the repeating qualities of a mask. See -webkit-mask-repeat.


Sets a compositing style for a mask. See -webkit-mask-composite.


See -webkit-mask-box-image for details.